Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

About us

The THERMOPLAY S.p.A. is a metalworking company based in Pont Saint Martin (Aosta) and counts 150 employers; it focuses on accessories for moulding plastic parts.
Since the early years, when the number of employers did not exceed a dozen, moments of fun among colleagues were always shared, even outside the working environment, as the annual bocce or fishing tournament.

The years gone by, the number of colleagues increased as well as the desire to stay together along with the number of activities arranged.
Therefore CRAL Thermoplay Team Committee has been established in 2008 , counting more than 150 partners, which organises many activities for the ordinary members (Thermoplay employers, associated and supporter members), such as go kart competitions, mini soccer tournaments, trekking tours, bocce tournament and group outings to participate to events (fairs, sport and cultural events).

Along with these activities, a determined and interested in race group organised the 5 km race, a company competition of 5 km around Thermoplay premises, which is held every year. Driven by the enthusiasm, this group gave the chance to all race followers to be part of the Team as supporting members and to participate to race competitions like G-Move, Stratorino and Tuttadritta Torino, Lake Maggiore Half Marathon and Deejay Ten in Milan, where even the least trained and children can run for 5 km at their own rhythm and support who participates to the competitive 10 km race.

Therefore, competition after competition, effort after effort gave us the desire to organise our first sport event open not only to Thermoplay Team Committee but to everyone. The 5+13+2, competition is already the sport event of the year.

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